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Is there a minimum order quantity?
Yes, BlueDriver Max is not sold on an individual basis so please reach out to us to learn more.
What industries is this best suited for?
BlueDriver MAX is the perfect diagnostic tool for companies in the inspection business, fleet owners, rental companies, and auction operators. BlueDriver is the leading OBD2 scanner used within the auction industry!
Do I need to have my own mobile app?
Nope! We have a comprehensive mobile application for both Android and iOS that is available for you to use.
How do I leverage the diagnostic data?
All diagnostic information is available directly to you through an API integration, so you can empower your business growth with data driven insights.
What is the difference between BlueDriver and BlueDriver MAX?
BlueDriver MAX expands on the powerful capabilities of BlueDriver with the use of 16-pins (vs. 9) and enterprise level integration through our Backend as a Service (BaaS) API and SDK libraries.

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