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How to setup BlueDriver MAX for iPhone/iPad

App Installation

  1. Open the "App Store" app
  2. Search for "BlueDriver"
  3. Tap "Get"

Pairing your BlueDriver MAX

Note: The first time you open the app it will ask for permission to use bluetooth - this is required for in-app pairing

  1. Fully close the BlueDriver app so it is not running in the background.

    Phones with a physical home button (iPhone 9 and older):
    I) Double tap the home button
    II) Swipe through the open apps
    III) Swipe up or down to close the app

    Phones without a physical home button ('notch' phones - iPhone X+)
    I) From your home screen press and hold on the bottom of the screen, then swipe up
    II) Swipe through the open apps
    III) Swipe up or down to close the app
  2. Start your ignition
  3. Plug in your BlueDriver
    Note: From this point on you have 60 seconds to pair your BlueDriver, if more than a minute passes you can trigger pairing mode by removing it and plugging it back in again.
  4. Start the BlueDriver App
  5. Within 5-20 seconds the app should detect the scanner automatically and ask you if you would like to pair - press "Pair" and pairing will complete and the app will connect automatically to your vehicle.

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