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How to reset App data on Android devices.

On some newer versions of Android (especially 8.0+) not all configuration files are removed when deleting an app. Because of this, reinstalling an app may not resolve performance issues as it would have on older versions on on an iOS device.

Rather than reinstalling an app, you can reset it to its "fresh installed" state by clearing your app data and app cache.

Important Notes:

  • Clearing app data will delete all files including scan reports, repair reports, vehicle history, etc
  • The specific steps may be slightly different depending on your combination of phone model and Android version
    The examples below demonstrate Android 8 (left) on a Google phone & Android 4 (right) on a Samsung device

1. Navigate to your device's settings menu

2. Locate the application manager - it may be labeled App Info, Application Manager, Applications, Apps, or Apps and Notifications

3. If necessary, tap App Info or See All __ Apps

4. Locate BlueDriver in the list of apps. You may need to search different lists (Installed vs Running) by swiping left and right or tapping on the drop-down box

5. Tap on Force Stop

6. Look for button labeled Clear Data - if you do not see it try tapping on Storage

7. Press Clear Data and then Clear Cache if the button is not disabled

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